The Magic and Wonder of Christmas

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When a tiny glowworm climbs out of bed to discover she has become a firefly, she is surprised to find that she is the smallest firefly around.  Each day the littlest firefly works hard and tries different things to become a bigger brighter firefly like the others even though they doubt she can do it.  Her persistence and self-belief lead her to a marvelously magnificent surprise that she shares with her fellow fireflies … making her the happiest firefly of all.

When you finish reading the littlest firefly’s story join her for more twinkling, glittering and shining adventures in your very own Animotion story at  Each print version of The Littlest Firefly book includes the creation of one Animotion video story with a magnificent surprise for you, the reader.


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Enjoy the charm of a Magical Messenger Moose who brings a bit of Christmas wonder and magic to your family at Christmas and beyond.  Excitement fills the house when your child(ren) wake to find their Moose (named by the family upon his or her arrival) has gone missing during the night.  The race is then on to find their Moose on the Loose carrying surprises from Santa – in a note or a smile!

Everyone knows that Santa makes his list, checks it twice and marks down who’s been Naughty and who’s been Nice at Christmas. But, most folks are unaware of Santa’s twist on that famous Naughty ‘n Nice List; it involves Moose, notes and smiles.

Without a doubt Santa wants children to try to Do Good all through the year, but wants them to know he understands that Mess Ups and Mix Ups happen too.  So, the elves, the reindeer and the Clauses train Magical Messenger Moose to carry notes with Santa’s words of encouragement or bring his smiles home to children during Christmas and on other “noteworthy” nights throughout the year.

After a quick game of Hide ‘n Seek with their “Moose on the Loose”, who’ll be napping where he or she landed upon returning from the North Pole, they’ll discover one of Santa’s treasured notes or an encouraging smile.  This fun filled tradition delights children and creates lasting childhood memories for the entire family!


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